At Purar, our mission is to help you breathe cleaner air by providing comfortable and highly-functional face masks engineered to filter airborne particles, pollen, and germs— without compromising your personal style.

Having experienced Shanghai China’s long season of air pollution first-hand, our co-founder, Jasmine Meng, found that wearing a mask was the only way to protect herself from pollutants of all kinds. As a daily mask user, she has experienced the discomfort of wearing standard surgical face masks, which only make breathing harder, irritate the face and ears, and fog up glasses.

With the need for developing a highly protective yet comfortable and stylish alternative, Purar was formally launched from the Plug andPlay’s Acceleration program in Silicon Valley. The mask and filter combination was created by a global team of developers working to create a mask that not only works well, but also feels like a seamless part of our wearers.

Derived from the words “Pure Air”, our face masks are engineered by the world’s leading filtration experts to achieve the N95’s filtration level, giving it the ability to filter more than 95% of the 0.3 micron particles. Our reusable Purar masks feature an interchangeable design, with a filter that can be changed from its reusable, environmentally friendly outer shell. The washable shell features an ergonomic design, made to fit comfortably and snuggly without fogging.

Your air, your style, and you. Breathe in healthier and cleaner air with Purar, where we separate the useful from the harmful.