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Purar Air Mask | Classic - Burgundy
Purar Air Mask | Classic - Burgundy
Purar Air Mask | Classic - Burgundy
Purar Air Mask | Classic - Burgundy

Purar Air Mask | Classic - Burgundy

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Purar masks feature a research-based and ergonomic design from Germany, configured carefully with polygons to make an aesthetic and highly efficient accessory that elevates your look – Futuristic, minimal, and extraordinary.

Reusable and washable, the outer shell of the Purar mask is designed with a reflective material perfect for showing off urban fashion and style. Together with the interchangeable filter, Purar masks protect you against pollution, pollen, and harmful microbes.

    There are many variables to establishing a precise filter life, such as the pollution in your area. Our filters can last up to 100 hours on average and we suggest changing the filter every second week or so.

    • Purar Air Mask Shell | Classic
    • 2 x Purar Air Filters (1 Protect Plus + 1 Lite Comfort)
    • 1 Travel Pouch

    Air Mask Shell: 25% Polyamide + 10% Elastane + 65% Polyester
    Replaceable Air Filters: 70% Polyamide + 29% Elastane +1% Polypropylene
    Travel Pouch:
    45% Elastane + 50% Polyester + 5% Cotton

    Our mask is a hygiene product and can only be returned if unopened in the original packaging. If you have opened the package and are not satisfied with our product, please write to and we will do our very best to help you out on a case-by-case basis.

    For detail information, please refer to our Return Policy.