How to solve common issues caused by wearing a face mask

How to solve common issues caused by wearing a face mask

While we maintain social distancing, it is also critical to wear a mask to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.  Wearing a mask prevents the transmission of droplet nuclei and is a sign of respect to others, especially those that may be more vulnerable to COVID-19.

While we adapt to wearing face masks, many people are struggling to cope with this new normal. Our new Purar mask can solve many issues facing you today, including: 

 Fogging glasses: For people who wear glasses, the water vapor normally discharged from the respiratory tract can be blocked by the mask, leading to the release of water vapor through the edge of the mask.  This water vapor can fog glasses, causing major inconveniences.   

 Increase in acne:  Wearing a mask can create friction and irritation.  This irritation can trigger acne, which affects not only the beauty of our skin, but can negatively affect our mood. 

 Ear pain:  Wearing masks that feature elastic bands around the ears for an extended time can produce a significant sense of pressure on the contact parts of the ears and result in ear pain.

 Concerns about being unfashionable:  For many young people worried about being fashionable, effective general surgical masks are simply not beautiful enough. And choosing beautiful masks, can lead to worrying about the lack of effective protection.

We are pleased to introduce a mask that can solve all of these problems in one effective yet fashionable mask that provides great technology and protection against airborne microbials. 

Purar masks, engineered by the leading filtration experts of MANN+HUMMEL, are committed to creating comfortable, beautiful and efficient products. Purar's mission is to protect the air you breathe.

Purar masks use a polygonal design, which can make the mask fit the face better, solve the pain points of an ordinary mask, and add double insurance to the protection!

 The pre-shaped design of the nose end changes the direction of water vapor discharge, and perfectly solves the problem of fogging of glasses!

 Purar masks do not use an ear-hanging design, but instead uses a soft and flexible neck strap.  They are designed in two sizes and three colors, and use a replaceable filter design, which means that they can be safely recycled many times to meet the diverse needs of different people!

You are worthy of this mask if you want to pursue fashion and create personality, while protecting yourself with innovative technology from a world leader in filtration!

 Purar is open for pre-orders now, click the below link to get your access.